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TVS Victor 2016 Review

Here’s a TVS Victor 2016 review by Motorbikes India.

TVS for years has been one of the biggest players in Indian market for motorcycles. It’s Victor motorbike is famed for being one of the company’s bestsellers.


The reason is simply being a great bike to come within a budget. And ever since making its debut back in year 2002, the motorcycle has wooed the middle class Indian consumer.

TVS Victor 2016 Review
TVS Victor 2016 review by Motorbikes India

(Images are clickable)

Here’s what we know..

The motorcycle has been on the market for over 14 years now. It’s no surprise that TVS has made significant number of changes to it with progression of time.

The outcome?

Victor 2016 model is as good as it can get and it’s already out there for buying.

TVS Victor 2016 Infographics
Infographics — Click to see larger version

Without wasting further time we visited our authorised TVS dealership partner, Aditi Motors, based in New Delhi NCR to review the all new TVS Victor 2016.

Here’s how TVS Victor 2016 motorbike fares in the essential categories…


There is no denying the fact that when it comes to purchasing a motorcycle, design plays a prime factor in making up the potential buyer’s mind. In this department, 2016 Victor manages to make quite a mark for itself. It is rather sleek on the looks, similar to most of its counterparts in the Indian market currently.

Blue TVS Victor 2016 front view
Front view (click to see larger version)
TVS Victor 2016 suspension
Suspension, tail lamp with led lights (click to see larger version)

It’s one of the best appearing motorbikes in lower priced category. Many upgraded versions of previous features in the all new Victor have been added. TVS Victor features include:

  • Alloy rims in 5-spoke
  • Tail pipe in black colour
  • Handle bar of stainless steel,
  • Heel and toe gear shifters
  • Enhanced exhaust and
  • Tail lamp with led lights

Also, the bike comes with dependable Remora tyres. These tyres give the bike it’s streamlined look along with the much needed safety — a splendid grip when driving on unsound roads.

TVS Victor 2016 comes in 6 colour variations

For those who are big on colours the TVS Victor 2016 has a total of 6 options to choose from along with added graphics:

  • Blissful Blue (Blue with silver graphics)
  • Generous Grey (Grey with solver graphics)
  • Beatific Black Silver (Black with silver graphics)
  • Balanced Black Red (Black with red graphics)
  • Restful Red (Red with grey graphics)
  • Serene Silver (Silver with red graphics)
TVS Victor 2016 breaks and tyre
Breaks and tyres fo 2016 TVS Victor

Performance & Handling

A motorbike can’t be deemed as a good motorbike unless and until it performs well. Therefore, as far as performance goes, we can confirm that TVS Victor is indeed a good one and lives up to if not all, then most expectations.

TVS Victor 2016 Light
TVS Victor high-intensity 60 watt headlamp (click to see larger version)

The motorbike runs on an 110cc engine, which has a single cylinder and is 3-stoke air cooled. At its best, Victor produces 9.46bhp at 7500rpm against a torque of 9.4Nm. Also, it has a manual transmission of 4-speed.

TVS Victor 2016 in New Delhi
TVS Victor 2016 Test Drive in New Delhi (click to see larger version)

Speaking of the speed, we managed to hit a cool 88km/h before it started shaking, which is pretty great considering the price tag and modest specifications it comes with. Both Its brakes, especially foot operated; work perfectly to halt the motorcycle, even if the rider is doing a top speed of 70-90 km/h.

TVS Victor 2016 Road Test - Black and Red
Road Test of Black and Red TVS Victor (Click to see larger version)

Victor’s seat is made to maintain both rider and pillion’s journey comfortable, plus it’s also a light ride considering its weight of 112 kilograms. The motorcycle comes with a ground clearance of 175 mm, which is more than enough for Indian roads.

TVS Victor 2016 seat top
Comfortable seat for both rider and passenger (Click to see larger version)

TVS Victor 2016 Mileage

The 2016 Victor’s fuel tank is made for holding in a total of 8 liters of fuel at once. According to TVS Victor site this includes 2 liters of reserve fuel. It easily delivers an amazing mileage of 75kms on one liter of fuel, which is great considering this bike is targeted for buyers using it for everyday commuting. In this division, the bike is definitely a winner.

TVS Victor 2016 fuel tank
Blue TVS Victor 2016 fuel tank and graphic details


When it comes to shelling out money for purchasing the TVS Victor 2016, its available in two versions:

  • Drum Variant is available for Rs. 49,490 and
  • Disc Variant for Rs. 51, 490

at ex-showroom rates in New Delhi.

It’s definitely worth the money considering other motorcycles being sold in India right now, within this price range.

TVS Victor 2016 speedometer
TVS Victor 2016 speedometer


  • Engine: 109.7 cc,
    • Max power: 7.06 kW (9.6 PS) @ 7500 rpm
    • Max torque: 9.4 Nm @6000 rpm
    • Bore x Stroke: 53.5 mm x 48.8 mm
    • Compression Ratio: 9.9 : 1
    • Fuel system: Carburettor, CV type
    • Transmission: 4 speed constant mesh
    • Clutch: Wet – multi plate type
  • Suspension
    • Chassis type: Single cradle tubular frame.
    • Front suspension: Telescopic oil damped front suspension
    • Rear suspension: 5 step adjustable hydraulic series spring suspension
  • Breaks and wheels
    • Front brake: Drum, hand operated, internally expanding, Ø130 mm
    • Front brake: Disc, hand operated, Ø240mm disc
    • Rear brake: Foot operated, internally expanding, Ø 110 mm
    • Front tyre size: 2.75 x 17
    • Rear tyre size: 3.00 x 17
  • Dimensions
    • Wheel base: 1260 mm
    • Height: 1090 mm
    • Ground clearance: 175 mm
    • Length: 1980 mm
    • Width: 750 mm
  • Weight
    • Kerb weight: Drum 112 kg (ES alloy drum)
    • Kerb weight: Disc 113 kg (ES alloy disc)
  • Fuel tank capacity
    • Fuel tank including reserve 8 liters
    • Reserve 2 liters

TVS Victor 2016 review — Verdict

So, here’s our verdict for TVS Victor 2016 review…

Despite the fact that there are many motorcycles in the market which make up for a solid competition, 2016 TVS Victor is a pretty tough one to top. Carrying the reputation of 14 years on its handlebars, this motorbike is definitely built for the Indian roads. Keeping in mind the test drive, this bike offers a decent pickup, and will do great if put up against its top competitors like Hero Passion XPro to compete.

TVS Victor 2016 User Review
Happy TVS Victor rider 🙂

For the price tag it comes with, it would be a perfect ride for buyers who are on a budget not to mention. Design of the bike is something where room for improvement is still there, but it’s a complete package nevertheless. Even after all this time, it still manages to make its rider enjoy each second of the drive and that too quite effortlessly!

Official TVS Victor site:

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