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Upcoming Ducati Motorbikes – 2022

Ducati, the king of sports and adventure motorbikes, has expanded its models and launched six new motorbikes in 2022. The motorbike community is waiting with bated breath for these super six. The launch season started somewhere in September 2021, triggered by the new DesertX. To impress its die-hard motorbike fans, Ducati had a highly publicised global launch for all six motorbikes.

Let’s learn more about 2 of the upcoming Ducati motorbikes in 2022.

Ducati DesertX

  • The Ducati DesertX is a dream motorbike for its rider to pick it up and ride it into the sunset, just like old-time cowboys riding themselves to glory.
  • Its looks are eye-catching, and the performance is comparable to any motocross racing motorbike.
  • This motorbike can easily take rough and dirt tracks, making it the best off-roader motorbike.


  • The motorbike has a significant smooth suspension, high ground clearance, and a metallic frame engineered to perfection to take on the roughest of terrains.
  • The wheels are big and measure 22 inches at the front and 20 inches at the rear to give this motorbike an excellent grip and riding comfort.

Best Ergonomics

  • The all-new Ducati DesertX has an aerodynamic design giving the best in class ergonomics to support a comfortable riding position and ease of control for the rider on long & tedious journeys.
  • This motorbike can ride on rough roads in the countryside or on bumpy, potholed city roads with great elan.

Futuristic Electronics

  • The newest motorbike from Ducati, the DesertX, comes packed with electronic features and six different riding modes to give the rider a great option to cruise in any condition.
  • The enduro and rally modes have two unique methods to take power and performance on rough terrain.

Light Engine

  • The all-new Ducati DesertX has a 900 CC engine known as 11th Testasstretta desmo in technical terminology.
  • The engine of this motorbike is made light and has a best-in-class gear ratio to give the rider superb control during long journeys.

LED Lamps

  • The best part of Ducati DesertX is its head and tail lamps.
  • They are all-powerful full LED to give the best visibility to its rider.
  • This motorbike has a brake lighting system which turns on automatically when you have to brake suddenly.
  • The lights flash continuously for the following vehicles to get an indication of your emergency condition.

Digital Display Console

  • The Ducati DesertX, with a large TFT digital console on its handlebar, easily connects with the patented Ducati digital system.

  • The screen placement is for the best visibility, even in stand-up riding. 

Diavel 1260S

  • Ducati is known for its monstrous super motorbikes with outstanding performance, agility, and control.
  • It has launched the new 1260S motorbike with raw power and dynamic design.
  • The 1260S has a 165 BHP Testastretta 1200 plus CC engine.
  • This motorbike is also Euro 5 emissions compliant.

  • The 1260S style has a metallic black frame that is aerodynamic and lopsided to give it an eye-catching look.
  • The superimposed graphical design is available in gloss and matte finish and in black and grey colors, highlighted with bright yellow hues to make it look sporty.
  • The motorbike is provided a branded logo badge on its frame, rear side, and seat, giving a premium look.
  • The Ducati 120S also comes in red & black metallic frames and thrilling black and dark stealth models.


  • The all-new Ducati Diavel 1260S is all muscle and strength with a slim look and stellar styling.
  • The Ducati Diavel 1260 S has trademarked gold colure shock absorbers giving the rider a smooth ride.

Metallic and Black

  • The metallic black look of the Ducati Diavel 1260S was first launched in 2019 and is now made even more stunning due to its bold and vibrant design and styling.
  • This motorbike was the highlight of Milan Moto Design week and motorcycle art and design.


  • The Diavel is a fitted 1200 CC engine producing high power complemented by its artistic styling and modern technology.
  • The engine produces a power of 160 BHP which gives extreme speed and fastest pick-up.
  • The torque for this motorbike is smooth and provides the rider with great power even at low rpm.
  • The Ducati Diavel gives the rider six modes to operate the motorbike at the best power and fuel consumption. A total penny’s worth of a motorbike.


  • The motorbike sports a light frame, a robust design, and twin shock absorbers, giving its rider great comfort while riding rough roads.
  • The seat’s ergonomic design is such that your riding posture is upright due to its correct height of the handlebar, sleek seat, and supporting feet pegs.


  • The Ducati Diavel oozes grace and sophistication with its components made from carbon fiber and seat stitched to perfection.
  • The overlook is tough with special rims and metallic styling.
  • The headlamps on the daytime run on light technology, giving very bright luminescence.

So, guys, fasten your seat belts as 2022 is poised to be a powered-packed year for Ducati to launch a new motorbike which will create a lasting impression on the buyer, making him spoilt for choices.

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