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Upcoming Motorbike Events of 2022

Motorbike riders pride themselves on their riding capabilities. They are passionate about going out on cross-country tours in groups or alone to savor life in the wild. These motorbike riders need their adrenaline rush every few months to feel alive. To cater to these motorbike riders’ fantasy of going on long winding journeys, organizers have come up with many options, like curated tours, events per the calendar every year, and some for a specific cause.

So here are a few upcoming motorbike events in 2022 that you, as a motorbike enthusiast, can look forward to.

  1. Freedom Ride Bengaluru 2022

The Freedom Ride is an annual motorbiking event to celebrate our Independence Day. It is curated as an event for the free-spirited Indians to enjoy a day of fun and frolic and show love for the nation. It is held every year on Independence Day, August 15th bright morning.

  • This year, the 3rd year of its edition will flag off at 6 am near Airport Road, Bengaluru, followed by a hearty south Indian breakfast.
  • The Freedom Ride, organized by Rover Entertainments, gets support from Moto-Mania.
  • The event is a gala affair with motorbike riders coming in huge numbers locally and across the country.
  • The organizers have perfected the art of making this event full of fun and merriment with various activities and entertainment programs.
  • A blood donation camp is also organized to support the local blood bank.
  • The main event features many competitive races on and off track for the motorbike riders.
  • Some events are also for four-wheelers, an actual fun event, and an experience of a lifetime.

Event Date – August 15th, 2022

Venue- Birds of Paradise, Airport Road Bengaluru

Event Registration Fee – Rs. 250/- per person per event.

  1. Jag Joyu Rides Friendship Day Special

Motorbike riders today want variety and options. As they say, variety is the spice of life. A curated tour operator from Gujrat, Jag Joyu travels has been at the forefront of organizing many such events in India for the past several years.

  • As a company, Jag Joyu, as the name suggests, is a World wanderer’s faithful friend and travel partner.
  • They have specialized packaged tours for the motorbike riders and membership schemes to avail of special discounts and curated tours.
  • As an annual event, Jag Joyu has its yearly Friendship Day motorbike overnight camping event on August 6.
  • The motorbike journey starts early in the morning, around 5.30 am, from Ahmedabad and winds down to the hinterlands of Bakor.
  • Bakor is a truly rustic village in Gujarat bordering Rajasthan. It is famous for its wildlife forests and waterfalls. Most tourist visits this place during the monsoon to enjoy the greenery and serene waterfalls.
  • Jag Joyu too organizes this Friendship Day motorbike ride as an adventure tour cum camping experience.
  • The night halt is at a campsite in Bakor, where the motorbike riders can enjoy a campfire, music, and good barbeque and grilled food.
  • Other Gujarati delicacies served during the visit are an added attraction.

Event Date – August 16th -to 17th, 2022

Venue – Ahmedabad to Bakor 2 days 1-night trip

Event Registration Fee – Rs. 1300/- approx.

  1. Rider Mania 2022 – Organized by Royal Enfield

The baap of all motorbike riding events is the annual Rider Mania organized and promoted by Royal Enfield for its customers nationwide. It is held in November every year in the beautiful and green state of Goa at the most happening place of Baga in North Goa. The event is a get-together of sorts for all the Royal Enfield loyalists. The event itself is an Olympiad of mini-events organized as an adventure joyride.

Some of the highlights are:

Motorcycling Events 

The motorbike riders can participate in races, competitions, and talks sessions on riding and safety. Special events, like music concerts and after-parties, are organized for the motorbike riders and their families to have fun. The Rider Mania is the most significant event for the Royal Enfield loyalists.

Flat Tracking

For adventurous motorbike riders, The Rider Mania organizes a flat tracking event. Royal Enfield manages a Slide school for all the participating motorbike riders organized by Big Rock Bengaluru. It’s an experience of a lifetime in a controlled environment.

Garage Café

The highlight of the Rider Mania motorbike event is the musical extravaganza on day three at the Garage Café. The Garage Café is a Royal Enfield-themed café that overlooks the scenic Baga beach. The evening is a time to remember with heavy metal and pop bands across the nation coming here to entertain the motorbike riders.

The event culminates with a grand show of fireworks on the beach, making it a memorable event for all who make it here.

Event Date – November 21 -23, 2022

Venue – Garage Café – Baga Goa

Event Registration Fee – Rs. 2500/- approx.

So, these were a few upcoming events for the Indian motorbike community. Which one will you be a part of? Hurry, the fun registration is closing soon for a few.

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