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Upcoming Motorbikes from Bajaj 2021-22

Motorbikes from Bajaj are a household name in India. Their tag line is “Humara Bajaj,” motorbikes for every Indian family, and motorbikes for everyone in the family. Bajaj Auto has benefitted from its association with Kawasaki motorbikes, with which it had a joint venture in the 1990s. After the split, Bajaj Auto heavily invested in research and development and indigenous design to develop motorbikes catering to Indian buyers and Indian terrain.

As a member of the motorbike community, you may wonder which are the latest and upcoming motorbikes from the house of Bajaj Auto. You do not need to search anymore. Read this article which gives you a sneak peek into the new and upcoming motorbikes from Hamara Bajaj in the last quarter of 2021 and the year 2022.

Bajaj Pulsar 250 

The Pulsar brand has a terrific recall among the motorbike community members and is much in vogue for its rugged looks and smooth performance. Bajaj is all set to release a newer and better version of this model naming it Pulsar 250. This motorbike will be available in 2 versions and promoted as Pulsar NS250 and Pulsar 250F. As per the company newsletter, we understand that Pulsar 250 models will launch in late October 2021 with huge fanfare. A formal launch and specification details will be available from Bajaj on October 28. But we have a lead on the points of these motorbikes just for you.

The Genex Pulsar 250 is indigenously engineered and built on a new age platform comprising the more recent and technically superior engine, rugged body frame, swing arm, and smoother suspension.


  • These Pulsars’ 250s come with a 249 CC engine, which is mono cylindered, air-cooled, and oil-cooled.
  • The engine has a throughput of 25 BHP at 20Nm torque that gives peak power on a single throttle.
  • The motorbike provides powerful performance and a smooth-riding experience.
  • The engine is built around a state-of-the-art new transmission with a sturdy overall design.


  • The Pulsar NS 250 and 250 F have disc brakes with the rear is 280 mm and the front is 230 mm, giving the rider ultimate safety while riding on any road.

Super Suspension

  • The suspension in NS 250 and 250 F is for extreme comfort with telescopic front shock absorbers, and the rear is of nitrox.
  • This gives the rider total comfort during long rides, even on rough roads.

Stylish Look 

  • The NS 250 and 250F both have a stylish, aerodynamic design. Both have extra luminous LED headlights and taillights.
  • The seats are ergonomic, can split for better comfort for the rider and the pillion.
  • The pillion gets a new set of handrails for easy grabbing and safe riding.
  • The motorbike looks enhances by the laser-cut graphics and colorful alloy decals on the wheels, and deep carbon black colored silencer.

The Pulsar NS 250 and 250 F is to be launched end of October 2021 at an ex-showroom price of Rs. 1.4 Lakhs to 1.5 Lakhs.

Bajaj Pulsar RS 400

Bajaj Auto made a huge splash and created a buzz around its Pulsar RS400 in the Auto Expo in 2014. The prototype has come into production and will launch around January 2022.

  • This cruiser motorbike is designed with intelligent looks and comes with a great value-added feature.
  • The Pulsar RS 400 motorbike is manufactured with a 375 CC engine and built to make a splash in the cruiser motorbike segment.
  • The motorbike with telescopic forks in the front end and mono-shock suspension at the rear end looks smart.
  • The Pulsar RS 400 is safe via the disc brakes on both front and back wheels. This motorbike is provided with an ABS braking system.
  • Fitted with dual LED headlamps at the front, the Instrument cluster on this motorbike is all digital and looks like an airplane cockpit while riding on the highway.
  • The Pulsar RS 400 is lightweight due to its alloy material for body frame and fuel tank.
  • Besides, it comes with a handlebar that is easy to grip and gives better manoeuvrability and control while riding challenging terrains.
  • The Pulsar RS400 comes with four strokes single-cylinder engine.that is of fuel injection type and uses a liquid cooling technique.
  • This motorbike has a 6-speed gearbox for total control over the motorbike, even at high speeds.

The Bajaj RS 400 will launch at an attractive price of Rs. 1.75 lakhs to Rs. 2 lakhs.

In short, the authentic Indian motorbike fan is always keen to know which new motorbikes to be launched by Bajaj Auto. Pulsar 250 variants and the Pulsar RS 400 motorbikes are back in the reckoning, especially in the cruiser motorbike segment.

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