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What’s Special About Triumph Bonneville?

With the commitment to deliver the best motorbikes to the world, Triumph Motorcycles, the innovative British motorcycle company created an evolution in the two-wheeler community.

One of the most loved motorbike brands among riders, Triumph, is designed to fulfill the legends’ passion. Today, let’s walk through what is unique about Triumph Bonneville and some of the recent 2021 lineups that Triumph has for you!

Triumph Bonneville

Providing heritage like no other motorbike brand, Triumph Bonneville has a remarkable history of more than 100 years.

Pushing the best for the riders, crafting and designing iconic motorbikes to rejoice in the past, and embrace the future is our primary motto, says Nick Bloor, CEO of Triumph Motorcycles. And no doubt, the introduction of all the models through bold design, unique styling, and robust engineering with genuine passion proves it every day.

Focused on providing a whole riding experience, Triumph keeps a complete poise of fashion, control, and handling, thus providing the perfect ride to the passionate and obsessed rider. The vital point to note from the Triumph motorcycles are the hand-crafted traditional design, recital, specification, and finish followed right from the first motorbike the rolled off the production in 1958.


Lined-up to launch by March 2021, Bonneville Speedmaster stands first on the list.

  • Outfitted with the 1200cc liquid-cooled, 8-valve, crank angle parallel-twin engine type, Speedmaster offers optimized performance.
  • Crafted to provide superior handling, relief, and control over every ride with the rider-focused technology, Speedmaster is all set to roar the Indian road.

  • Estimated to be around INR 11, 33, 700 Lakhs, Speedmaster gets bullet-type indicators with minimalist styling, forward pegs, latest generation ride-by-wire technology for improved choke control.
  • Its 12-liter tank capacity, classic rear drum brake inspired hub, ignition barrel, branded locking fuel cap, classically-styled twin throttle bodies, two riding modes (road, rain), and ABS for a safe ride make it a dream motorbike.


Following the similar straight descendent of the legendary 1959 Bonneville motorcycle, Bonneville T120 from the house of triumph.

  • Premeditated with the genuine styled twin-throttle bodies, peashooter-style silencers, and engine profile, T120 gets an iconic silhouette design with the modern classic look.
  • When it comes to performance, T120 shares the same 1200cc engine that offers breathtaking performance, ultimate console, and laid-back handling.

  • An interesting fact regarding Bonneville T120 is the Black version. Authentic lineage, blacked-out wheel rims, black grab rail, midnight engine finish, and black two-skinned peashooter exhausts make it the sole dark rider an attractive choice for you.
  • Unique blacked-out detailing, ABS, ride-by-wire, traction control, heated grips, and fingertip controls are the beautiful attributes of T120 priced at INR 9, 97, 66 Lakhs.


Here is Bonneville T100 inspired by the iconic ’59 Bonneville with three color signature that touches the genuine icon.

  • Offering a thrilling performance with the incorporated original Bonneville DNA, T100 is known for its stunning finishes and urban style attitude.

  • Powered by a 900cc engine, improved performance along with rich exhaust is a part of T100. Importantly, there is an incredible range of 150+ trimmings to decide from if required to customize your T100.
  • With new color choices, T100 is accessible at INR 8, 87, 400 Lakhs, making it worthy of beautiful features like ABS, ride-by-wire, liquid cooling, lookalike feature-packed clock, switchable grip control, LED rear light, and locomotive immobilizer.

Street Twin

From the house of Triumph, here is Street Twin, the most triumphant tradition classic.

  • Crafted with the first-in-class expertise Bonneville supremacy imposes into Street Twin that offers control, console, and most refined chic.
  • Luckily, the outstanding customizing ability is obtainable in this fresh classic with which all-around recital, riding feel, and usability is a guarantee.

  • Street Twin comes in three color variants like black, ash, and cherry red. Besides, its infinite top-tier features include comfortable riding modes, strain tracking system, rider ergonomics, cast wheels, USB charging, twin upswept silencers, ABS, Brembo front brakes, etc.
  • Priced at INR 7, 45, 000 Lakhs, Street Twin is an excellent treat for 2021.

Triumph Bonneville motorbikes are known for their legacy, and no doubt, the above-discussed motorbikes of the 2021 lineup, Streetmaster, T120, T100, and Street Twin, are the top ones expected this year!

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