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World’s Rarest Motorbikes – Part 1

Attention! All you motorbike enthusiasts, you cannot miss this wonderful 3 part series on the rarest of motorbikes from world history.

We have dedicated this article to “Traub”, one of the rarest motorbikes in the world. It holds a mysterious history and various interesting facts behind its presence. So, fasten your seatbelts and enter the world of mysteries and motorbikes.


World's Rarest Motorbikes - Part 1

The history of Traub has its roots in the 1960s, exactly 50 years ago. Almost hidden in dark for many years, it came to light in 1967 when it was found behind a brick wall in Chicago. Scientists reveal that it belonged to Traub motorcycles of 1916 model. Still its origin, history, and designer remain untraced. Who are they and how they could have created this masterpiece dated back to the 1910s still remains a mystery.

When all were eager to know the history and creator of Traub, they got an information regarding Gottlieb Richard Traub who was the owner of Richard Traub motorcycle shop. Richard Traub was an experimental machinist and an expert at four-horsepower motorcycles during the time of 1907.

According to the census that was taken in 1910, the address specification of Richard Traub is 1520 North Paulina St., Chicago. Additionally, the below shop image of his shop didn’t have any particular address and date and the place where Traub was found was also not far from his garage.

So, the assumption was made that Richard Traub could be the creator of Traub. However, why was Traub walled up and hidden? Is Richard Traub the real owner of Traub?

The mystery still continues…

Interesting Facts

World's Rarest Motorbikes - Part 1

  • According to various research, Traub was developed in 1916, exactly 14 years before Harley-Davidson entered into the motorbike community.
  • It was recognized as a unique invention of its time and the most shocking information is that it worked really well even after years and looked like a new one.
  • Traub was designed in such a way that it would attain a maximum speed of 85mph with the help of 3-speed transmission process.
  • One of the interesting facts regarding Traub was the engine that was used in it. The team of Harley-Davidson found it difficult in figuring out the engine type till 1936. You will be amazed to know that Traub had a capacity of 1278cc while other motorbikes of that time could only reach up to 1000cc.

Where can I find Traub now?

World's Rarest Motorbikes - Part 1

After Traub was discovered, it was sold to a bicycle shop owner, Torillo Tacchi in Chicago. To restore Traub in good condition, Torillo traded $700 Suzuki and made certain changes in it. Later on, it was sold to Bud Ekins, who worked as a stuntman for movie actor Steve McQueen. This is the first time, Traub came on screen in the movie, “Blues Brothers” in 1970. It was then sold to Richard Morris, a California-based motorbike collector.

In 1990, for one last time, Traub was sold to Dale Walksler and added as one of the collections in “Wheels through the museum” in North Carolina. Even though Traub is now 101-year old, it still gives an awesome and enjoying ride, tells Dale who goes on a ride in Traub occasionally.

That’s simply superb!

“Traub, future of new motorcycles”. Although, there are various origins and assumptions about Traub, the history of Traub remains an unsolved mystery. Many researchers and surveyors could never get an answer to it.

Stay tuned for many more such mysterious stories from the motorbike community!

-Pic courtesy: Wikipedia

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