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Yezdi – The Iconic Motorbikes are Back

“History repeats itself for those who forget it or don’t learn from it.” Though this phrase has a few negative connotations, it’s a good sign in terms of an icon coming back to life after a long time. And if this comes true for an iconic brand like Yezdi, then it’s even better gold. Yes, its revamped, re-engineered, and launched by its makers, the Jawa Moto Company.

Yezdi was born out of a strategic succession plan from Jawa in the 1970s, a program specifically for the Indian market. Derived from the Iranian antecedent for the Yazd family from Iran, it is a big name in the motorbike community.

The all-new Yezdi launched with power-packed three new models Roadster, Scrambler, and Adventure. Let’s find out more.


This all-new city motorbike from Yezdi is a perfect city mobility vehicle. Sleek and lean yet powerful enough to give the rider the best in a class ride on the bumpy, potholed city roads. It de-stresses the motorbike rider from the backaches and neck strains fuel to its ergonomic seating and smooth suspensions on front and back wheels. The ABS disc braking is icing on the cake for Roadster to deliver flawless performance.

Color & Style

The Roadster pleases the eye of any motorbike fan from the motorbike community.

  • It comes in a dark and chrome finish with three color choices: smoke gray, military green, and metallic blue.
  • With vibrant colors, this motorbike appeals to the youth & hardcore motorbike enthusiasts.

Engine & Power

  • The Roadster comes with a 334 CC mono-cylinder, four-stroke engine, which packs a power of 29.75 ps at 29 Nm torque.
  • This motorbike has a 6-speed constant mesh type gearbox making it a powerful monster.
  • Roadster engineers best-in-class fuel consumption, an electronic fuel injection feature for a heavy-duty motorbike.

Braking & Suspension

  • The Roadster with disk brakes at the front and the rear has a floating caliper design and ABS as a standard offering. Such features assure the rider of all-time safety while riding the motorbike.
  • It also boasts smooth shock absorbers with telescopic fork and coil spring at the front and dual shock based on gas-filled emulsion technology at the rear.


For Rs. 1.98 lakhs, it is an excellent savvy city motorbike at a fantastic price for the new age buyer.


If you are the one who likes to rev the engine of your motorbike and ride off roads at high speeds, then the Scrambler is your motorbike. You will never feel to cut back on your passion and impulse while riding the Scrambler. On the other hand, it’s the motorbike for the true blue motorbike fan from the roadies motorbike community. So, let’s get to know the Scrambler a little better.

Design & Styling

  • The Scrambler is a perfect cross-country motorbike with its powerful engine and smooth suspension system.


  • The Scrambler has a short wheel-based design to give maximum torque and easy ride-ability to the user.
  • It also helps in effective control and manoeuvrability of the motorbike at high speeds and even in off-road conditions.

Riding Modes

The Scrambler comes with multiple riding mode options.

  • You can change from rain mode to standard road riding to off-road with a flick of a button.
  • All the options are visual available on its digital console on the riding handlebar.

Engine & Power

  • The Scrambler has a 334 CC single-cylinder, four-stroke DOHC engine, which packs a power of 29.10 ps at 28.2 Nm torque.
  • This motorbike also has a 6-speed constant mesh type gearbox.
  • It comes engineered with an electronic fuel injection feature and a double exhaust to match its powerful engine.

Braking & Suspension

  • The Scrambler has disk brakes at the front and the rear with a floating caliper design and ABS as a standard offering.
  • The motorbike frame is twin type cradle giving it the perfect balance and robustness.
  • The shock absorbers are similar to the Roadster with T-fork type and coiled spring at the front and dual suspension at the rear.


At Rs. 2.06 Lakhs ex-showroom, it is a premium motorbike at an economical price.


If you love to ride for long hours across vast landscapes, going from wild jungles to snow-capped mountains, the Adventure is the motorbike for you – a pure cross-country motorbike meant for long rides.


  • The Adventure comes in 2 models, one with a matte finish and a camo.
  • The color available in the Adventure motorbike is slick silver and mambo black. Both have a style quotient of their own.


  • The Adventure motorbike is for all terrains. Off-road, on-road, smooth tarmac, dirt tracks, or even rocky.

Digital Navigation

  • The Adventure motorbike has a vast digital console with easy visibility for speed, fuel, temperature, riding mode, and emergency conditions to control while riding.
  • It also offers turn-by-turn navigation to the rider, so you will never get lost.

Luggage Options

  • Any cross-country motorbike can carry heavy loads of luggage while going on long journeys, and the Adventure is no different.
  • This motorbike comes with multiple options for the rider to take on extra heavy load with absolute safety during cross-country journeys.

Engine & Power

  • The Adventure also sports a 334 CC mono cylinder, four-stroke liquid cooled engine, which packs a power of 30.2 ps at 29.90 Nm torque.
  • This motorbike has a 6-speed constant mesh type gearbox, making it robust.
  • The latest Adventure is intended for electronic fuel injection and solitary side exhaust.

Braking & Suspension

  • The all-new Adventure has disk brakes both in front & rear and floating calipers.
  • The ABS is a standard offering.
  • The motorbike frame is a double-cradle making it sturdy to ride.
  • The suspension comes with a telescopic fork & coiled spring in front and a singular suspension with a coiled spring & linkage mechanism at the rear.


At Rs. 2.15 Lakhs ex-showroom, the Adventure breaks the premium cross-country motorbike market with great affordability.

Finally, to sum it up, the new motorbikes from Yezdi, the Roadster, the Scrambler, and the Adventure are style icons and ooze a playful but fearless spirit. Yezdi motorbikes are a dream motorbike for the motorbiking community to enjoy and take on the world.

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