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You, Will, Have to Pay More Now for Yamaha FZ FI, FZS FI

Do you always aspire to find out what going on in and around the motorbike community? Here is a question for you that is a clue to find out what we shall talk about in our today’s article.

Who is popularly known as “Lord of the streets” from the house of Yamaha?

Well, motorbike enthusiasts, I am sure, guessed the answer correctly as of the FZ version that serves to be a stronghold in the Yamaha stable. While you would have known about the FZ FI, and FZS FI version introductions to the market, have you heard that you will have to pay more now for these variants? Want to know why? Explore our today’s article to find why it is so.

The Price Hike

FZ is the topmost racer series and the finest one lined up in the motorbike list of Yamaha. It hiked the price range for both FZ FI and FZS FI variants by Rs. 2,000. So, the BS6 variant of FZS FI comes for Rs. 1, 03, 700, and FZ FI for Rs. 1, 01, 700.


Besides the price hike, the design and all the other characteristic remains the same. While speaking about the design of both the variants, they fulfill first-rate recital and mileage aspects.

  • Both FZ FI and FZS FI of version 3.0 have a contented two-level seat that offers a relaxed firm riding position facilitating console for both the rider and pillion.
  • Both FZ FI and FZS FI BS6 version has a LED headlight outfit that gives outstanding visibility in all weather conditions as it has a reflector with ideal light projection technology.
  • Both FZ FI and FZS FI V3 has a superior midship muffler coat that is designed in such a way to tender notion and sharpness.

  • FZS FI gets exclusive unique chrome duct plating that enhances the presence of a glossy street racer motorbike on the Indian road.
  • FZ FI gets five color options- grey and cyan blue, dark knight, metallic red, matt black, and dark matt blue while FZ FI gets two variants- racing blue, and metallic black.


The two FZ legends of Yamaha come loaded with the various attractive feature set.

  • Both FZ FI and FZS FI of version 3.0 come up with the negative LCD instrument cluster panel that provides detail regarding the speedometer, tachometer, ABS warning, and clock.
  • The under-cowl outfitted with a lower engine acts as sludge and dirt splatter. It gives an iconic and athletic appearance to the motorbike.

  • Yamaha ensured safe riding with front one channel ABS and disc brake fitted in FZS FI AND FZ FI motorbikes offering steadiness and command at the race track.
  • As a racer, you need grip along with excellent rolling resistance at the sharper corner of the track, where 140mm wide radial tire does the job better.


Now, jumping to the technical specs associated with the two variants of FI of Version 3.0.

  • The variants come powered with 149cc air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2valve engine type that offers a maximum power of 9.1 KW, and torque 13.6 Nm.
  • This engine type is known to present splendid speeding up and exhilarated performance at the racing track and the average road conditions.
  • Both FZS FI and FZ FI have a seat height of 790 mm, ground clearance of 165mm, and 1,330 mm wheelbase.
  • For smoother chassis, and suspension, both FZS FI, and FZ FI have tubeless tires of 100/80-17M/C at the front, and 140/60R17M/C the rear end that provides Monocross shock-absorbing stability.
  • When concerned about the disc brake system, both FZS FI and FZ FI have a front disc of 282 mm and 220 mm disc at the rear.
  • The other information includes ECO indicator, multi-disc clutch-type, 12V battery, digital clock, 13L fuel capacity, and telescopic fork suspension.

When examined deeply, you can observe that FZS FI and FZ FI V3 have the same feature set, but the design, outlook, color options, and the price range vary.

Thus, if you ever wish to change your motorbike model and add a new page to your motorbike adventure diary, now is the time to unleash the new upgraded FZ FI and FZS FI from the Yamaha motorbike community in your backyard.

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